Understand Different Types of Hydraulic Pumps and Their Uses

A hydraulic pump is a mechanical device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by using pressurized fluid. This type of pump is utilized to transfer fluid from one point to another, typically at high pressure and speed. Hydraulic pumps are used in various industries including manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, construction, mining, and forestry. Let’s explore the different types of hydraulic pumps and their applications.

Piston Pumps

The piston pump is one of the most popular types of hydraulic pumps due to its versatility and reliability. Piston pumps use pistons to generate pressure in a cylinder chamber, which helps to increase both the flow rate and output pressure. Hydraulic piston pumps are capable of adjusting their flow rate based on the power applied while maintaining a constant level of efficiency. This makes them ideal for applications requiring variable flow rates.

Axial Piston Pumps

Axial piston pumps are commonly used in applications that require high pressure and flow capacities. These pumps consist of a series of pistons housed in a cylinder block that moves back and forth as pressurized fluid enters the system. Axial piston pumps are typically used in applications such as excavators, cranes, and other heavy machinery.

  • Axial Piston Pumps:
    • A2FO series 70
    • A2FO series 6x
    • A4FO
    • A10FZO series 10
    • A10FZG series 10
    • A17FO series 10
    • A17FNO series 10
  • Pompes à pistons axiaux variable:
    • A1VO series 10
    • A4VG series 32
    • A4VG series 35
    • A4VG series 40
    • A4VSO
    • A4VSG
    • A4CSG series 30
    • A4VBO
    • A4VHO
    • A4VSH
    • A7VO series 63
    • A7VK series 10
    • A8VO
    • A10VO series 31
    • A10VO series 32
    • A10VO series 5x
    • A10VOH series 60
    • A10VNO series 5x
    • A10VSO series 31
    • A10VSO series 32
    • A10VZO series 10
    • A10VZG series 10
    • A10VG series 10
    • A10VGT series 11
    • A11V(L)O series 1x
    • A15VO series 1x
    • A15VSO series 1x
    • A18VO series 11
    • A20VO series 10
    • A21VG series 10
    • A24VG series 10
    • A28VO series 10
    • A28VLO series 10
    • A30VG series 10

Radial Piston Pumps

Radial piston pumps are similar to axial piston pumps but operate by rotating the pistons around an axis rather than moving them back and forth. Due to their design, they also provide higher volumetric efficiency than axial piston pumps.

  • Radial piston pumps:
    • PR4-1X
    • PR4-3X

Gear Pumps

Gear pumps utilize two gears rotating in opposite directions to create suction at one end and discharge fluid at the other end. Hydraulic gear pumps offer high efficiency, but their output pressure varies depending on the amount of fluid they are pumping at any given time. Therefore, they are not recommended for applications requiring constant output pressure.

Gear pumps facilitate fluid transfer from one side of the pump to the other through two interlocking gears. The gears create small pockets that capture the pumped fluid and push it through the system at a steady rate. This type of hydraulic pump is often used for low-pressure pumping applications, as they ensure smooth operation with minimal noise.

  • External Gear Pumps:
    • AZPW
    • AZPB
    • AZPF
    • AZPN
    • AZPG
    • AZPS
    • AZPT
    • AZPU
    • AZPJ
  • Pompes à engrenages internes
    • FGP
    • PGH-2X
    • PGH-3X
    • PGM-4X
    • PGP

Rotor Pumps

Hydraulic rotor pumps use a rotating rotor to generate pressure and move the liquid from one place to another. The rotor is mounted on a central shaft and surrounded by a cylinder. The rotation of the rotor creates a pressure difference between the liquid’s inlet and outlet, allowing it to move through the pump housing. Rotor pumps are often chosen for their high performance and reliability, particularly in applications where reliability is crucial, such as industrial cooling systems or environmental monitoring systems.

  • Rotor Pumps:
    • PGZ

Vane Pumps

Vane pumps are another type of hydraulic pump that uses rotating vanes to create a vacuum inside a cylindrical housing. This vacuum is then used to move the liquid from one area to another through the intake and exhaust ports located at the top and bottom of the housing, respectively. Vane pumps are highly reliable and efficient, making them an excellent choice for applications where reliability is essential, such as industrial machinery.

  • Fixed vane pumps:
    • PVV
    • PVQ
    • PVH
  • Variable vane pumps:
    • Réglables, pilotées: PV7…C/J/N/O
    • Variables, à commande directe: PV7…A

Hydraulic pumps are a crucial component of many industrial processes. Today, there are numerous types of hydraulic pumps on the market, each designed for specific uses depending on the application for which it is intended. Whether it’s axial piston pumps, radial piston pumps, rotor, or gear pumps, there is a solution for every need! It is important to conduct research to choose the right type of hydraulic pump for your application to achieve maximum performance and minimize headaches.

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