Design and Engineering of FORSAFLEX

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

FORSAFLEX incorporates years of research and innovation, utilizing cutting-edge materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This combination ensures superior durability and performance, even in the most extreme conditions.

Quality and Reliability

The brand’s commitment to excellence is reflected in SAE and ISO certifications, ensuring that each component of FORSAFLEX meets the strictest international standards for unparalleled reliability. At HP Hydraulique, we understand that this reliability must come with compatibility to be the best in the field. Our FORSAFLEX hydraulic hoses can be custom-made for your needs. Whether it’s the hose, coupling, or adapters, we have what you need to connect everything together.

Key Benefits of FORSAFLEX

Proven Durability

Designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, the FORSAFLEX line ensures maximum durability, guaranteeing unmatched toughness and thereby minimizing the need for frequent replacements. FORSAFLEX products are specifically formulated to face various constraints, such as abrasion, exposure to harsh chemicals, harmful effects of UV rays, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations, often encountered, especially, in regions like Abitibi.


At HP Hydraulique, we use Echelon’s FORSAFLEX hoses because they are simply the best in the industry. No other brand comes close to FORSAFLEX in the industrial and hydraulic sector. Let us show you why these hoses are the choice to make when you need specific fittings.

Experience uncompromising engineering with Echelon’s FORSAFLEX—the comprehensive pipe system designed to push the boundaries of performance and durability. With FORSAFLEX, benefit from unmatched precision and unparalleled toughness, essential for professionals demanding only the best for their industrial applications.

Versatility and Ease of Assembly

Designed to meet a variety of industrial needs, FORSAFLEX products ensure simple and quick installation, which maximizes your process efficiency while minimizing downtime. FORSAFLEX hoses stand out for their versatility, enabling efficient flow of various materials such as air, liquids, and solids. Additionally, our custom service ensures perfect compatibility by offering a wide selection of sizes for your hoses and tubes.

Applications in Various Sectors

Key Industrial Sectors

FORSAFLEX finds its utility in a multitude of sectors, from agriculture to the oil industry, through construction and many others, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability. Discover how FORSAFLEX revolutionizes industries such as mining, construction, and forestry, offering solutions tailored to each specific challenge. By providing hoses mainly for hydraulic and industrial uses, FORSAFLEX is our choice for its versatility and variety of applications.

Air Hoses

For engineers and other industrial professionals, we offer a wide range of materials and colors for our Forsaflex hoses. You can choose from options such as PVC, EPDM, and Thermoplastic, available in various colors like red, black, yellow, blue, green, and many more! Our hoses are designed for service pressures ranging from 125 psi to 600 psi, with internal diameters from 1/4″ to 4″, to precisely meet your piping needs.

Chemical Hoses

Our hoses for chemical products are tailored to your specific needs in terms of length and can be equipped with compatible ends to create custom assemblies. Reinforced with materials such as high-strength braided wire, steel wire, and covered with stainless steel or PVC, these hoses ensure optimal performance in various chemical applications.

Water Hose

With models of water hoses ranging from light low vacuum to robust high-pressure suction, our versatile hoses are the perfect solution to all your water transfer needs. Designed for various applications such as construction dewatering, irrigation, forestry, and many more, our hoses can be sold in bulk or cut to any length for an ideal custom assembly.

Hydraulic Hoses

Engineers are well aware that hydraulic hoses play a crucial role in hydraulic systems, especially in high-pressure environments encountered on mobile and stationary machinery. Our FORSAFLEX hoses, reinforced with steel wire in 1, 2, 4, or 6 strands, offer exceptional adaptability, easily configured with various adapters and fittings to meet the specific needs of applications. These hoses, usually made from materials like rubber or flexible wire, are laminated with multiple layers to ensure optimal resistance and durability, two essential criteria in the demanding industrial environments faced by operators daily. Hydraulic hoses, like those from FORSAFLEX, are crucial for the circulation of fluids under high pressure through hydraulic systems, often facing extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Our extensive range of hydraulic hoses, meeting ISO standards, is the result of technological expertise and decades of research, in close collaboration with our partners and end-users, aiming to develop and provide innovative technical solutions.

Our hydraulic hoses are specifically designed to withstand ultra-high pressure levels and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and vacuum values, suitable for any type of application, from low-pressure devices to high-pressure systems.

HP Hydraulique’s Contribution to FORSAFLEX Products

A Privileged Partner in Maintenance in Quebec

HP Hydraulique is your partner for everything related to FORSAFLEX piping products, specifically hydraulic hoses. Hoses, pipes, couplings, and adapters are all parts of your specialized equipment in which we can assist you with its creation and maintenance. Opting for FORSAFLEX products is also choosing reliability and durability over time.

Adopting FORSAFLEX means choosing an industrial piping solution that exceeds expectations, combining innovation, durability, and performance. Trust FORSAFLEX to raise your standards and transform your industrial projects. The use of FORSAFLEX hydraulic hoses, designed to excel in terms of durability and performance.