HP Hydraulique, a personal mission within the mining sector

A team is the very essence of any challenge. But the question is how to build this team, on what basis, with what skills, and for what mission exactly? Pour Frédérick Bousquet, owner of HP Hydraulique, it will be agility and the ability to quickly respond to the challenges of hydraulic operations’ interruptions. Since beginning to work with his father in the forestry industry at a young age, Bousquet has never stopped developing his technical expertise, and surrounds himself with a team focused on the ability to solve any type of problem. With the growth of HP Hydraulique as a key partner in the Abitibi region for the distribution of Bosch Rexroth parts, Bousquet and his team of engineers and hydraulic and mechanical technicians have developed agile work methods that allow them to anticipate our customers’ operational interruptions.

A part breaks, a production line stops… Every hour, every day counts… and costs money!

A $70 part can cost thousands of dollars in production delays, and components costing more than $50,000 are just as essential. In either case, HP Hydraulique has developed solutions for our partner customers to anticipate delivery times and limit downtime.

A work ethic, a methodology and a team entirely focused on agility.

As the exclusive partner of Bosch Rexroth for the Abitibi -Témiscamingue region and northern Québec (Ungava), HP Hydraulique, under the leadership of Bousquet, has developed its service offering around personal values and major business axes.


Agility and technical mastery to offer the best support to its industry

• With the continuous training of our engineers and internal technicians. With the expansion of knowledge to respond to ever more varied problems; • • By creating our engineering division, Forcetech Consultants, which offers a complete range of custom-made, precise, flexible, and responsive engineering solutions; • • By developing our expertise beyond the distribution of parts to become a partner of excellence in mobile and industrial hydraulic products, Bosch Rexroth;

• By integrating within our teams a real expertise in programming and distribution of the Bosch Rexroth Bodas range of products in order to respond to the technological evolution of the hydraulic sector; • Finally, by creating new services for our customers and partners to fight day after day against production line downtime.


The mining sector and our markets are under more pressure than ever.

Faced with these major challenges, HP Hydraulique is already mobilized and remains agile. Our group of experts is dedicated, motivated, committed, and responsive to finding the solution to your problems. Our growth is great and controlled to remain close to your needs and offer you the greatest availability. Being agile and innovative is part of our company’s DNA, and of our founders. This agility is the engine that fuels our daily passion to understand, develop, and organize our ability to support you in facing the operational challenges of our faithful partners in the industry. Because your challenges are our challenges! I look forward to accompanying you,

HP team.

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