Easily identify a hydraulic pump or motor

Customers often have questions about the identification of their hydraulic product. Of course, as on every product that a consumer buys, there is a serial number that identifies the product. It then becomes possible to trace its origin and specifications without even having seen the product. Some manufacturers or suppliers will change the identification plate for various reasons, which can complicate the search for a customer. Don’t worry, since H.P. Hydraulique can help you with this problem. In fact, on the identification plate of a pump or motor, there are several numbers.

By providing us with the number on the pump’s identification plate, it is possible to trace the origin of the product and to be able to identify it properly. Since there are different numbers, here are the ones to provide depending on the manufacturer:

  • Plates identified Rexroth, TYP is required.
  • Other plates, only MNR.

With these numbers we will be able to help you with your product. In case of doubt with the number, send us a picture of the plate.